I am a multi-disciplined designer that explores form and function
through clean lines and visual simplicity.


My name is Andrea Giorgi, I am an Italian Designer currently based in Marbella.

I have over 10 years of experience of multidisciplinary freelance design and studio experience and I love everything that has to do with Interior, exhibition, furniture and graphic design and I feel a true devotion for architecture and social design too.

The focus on my design is a combination of function and aesthetics with a user friendly experience.Agencies career experience like Jack Morton Worldwide, George P Johnson, N2O, RPA Group, Banbury Walker, Brand Fuel, 2Heads and more, has proven I can work in complex, fast paced environments without sacrificing ability to multi-task and pay attention to details.

I am now working remotely and as a freelance designer on a variety of projects across the UK and internationally. During these years I experienced project handling, both within teams and on my own. Although design was the major role, some projects also included project management.

Retail / Interior

Product / Furniture

Temporary / Graphics


If you’re looking for a progressive thinker with a solid process to develop a concept from a brief into something real that people will love, feel free to contact me.


Andrea Giorgi


+34 642 045 631